You’re Meant to Live Full Out

Live Life to the fullestWhether anyone has told you lately or not, you’ve got unique GOD given talents. I’m talking about talents that make you truly special. I will readily admit that can be a hard thing to accept, especially if you didn’t have the benefit of growing up hearing such truths, or if you find yourself at a point where you’re feeling beaten down from life’s ups and downs.

Friend, no matter where you find yourself I hope that you will accept what I shared above as truth. Amazingly, the moment you do, you’ll find that things begin to take shape. Good or bad, we tend to live out the reality we set for ourselves. If we see the world as a place where everyone is conspiring against us, that’s exactly what we will receive more of.

Conversely if we can see opportunity, even when it may be a little harder to see in the moment, that’s precisely what will appear. More good will make its way into your life, when you go looking for it — when you allow yourself to be open to it. This isn’t magic or rah, rah thinking. It is really just good old common sense.

Friend, good people want to seek out those like themselves. Be honest with yourself for a moment. Don’t you want to associate with others who make the choice to see the positive side of life? Of course you do. Given the choice, wouldn’t you opt to work with those who give a little more to the task at hand than what’s expected of them? Don’t you naturally gravitate to those who tend to be encouraging, and build up those around them? Sure, we all do.

The key is to avoid victim thinking with all your might. It’s easy to accept that you’ll never get ahead, that others far more powerful than you are conspiring to keep you down. However, the main problem with this line of thinking is that overtime the truth reveals itself, it wasn’t anyone, or anything that kept us from better, greater lives, in the end it was ourselves… our own broken thinking that kept us from living out the greatness that we were meant for.

The last thing in the world I’m trying to do is convince you that everything in life is going to be easy. In fact, at times life can be downright hard! What I do want to get across is that the journey is well worth the effort.

Because when you are in the trenches, fully committed to doing the best you can day in and day out you find that it isn’t really about the rewards nearly as much as the empowering feeling you get from setting out and trying to live full out, being the absolute best YOU that you can be. Consider the wise words of Jim Rohn, “Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom.”

Friend, when you’re at your best — then others are blessed as a result. I love the simple saying, “I am GOD’s hands and feet.” it always reminds me that if I’m willing, and open to it I can allow GOD to do good things through me (now I’m the first to admit far more than I wish, I get in the way of that happening). You see, when you are your best others benefit immensely and are blessed as well.

You create a life well lived by setting out to be the best you can be, day in and day out. Start your day with the simple mantra: “Today I’ll do my best to leave the path I take just a little better and brighter than I found it.”

It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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  • Alpesh Kalariya

    Yes, life is a blessing, but sometimes you are not sure what to do with it.

  • Sometimes things aren’t as clear. I find that clearer details tend to appear as one follows their current plan. I often say life has a way of filling in the details for the person that takes action on ideas and thoughts that come their way.