The Importance of Running Your Race

Josh Hinds - Speaker and authorI learned from Andy Stanley that there is “no win in comparison.” Upon reflecting on that it became clear that any achievement I’ve had of any significance was born out of me running my own race — choosing to develop the GOD given talents which I believe we are all endowed with.

Any stage or audience I’ve had the opportunity to share with did not happen because I tried to do it better than some other speaker, friend or colleague. I was there because what I had to share, from my own life experiences is what others wanted to hear. My book deal didn’t happen because I worked as hard as I could to write better than others (plenty of folks will gladly say I don’ No, I believe these things and others have come to pass because I believe I was tasked with the responsibility of sharing my experiences & ideas, and was willing to work to develop my ability to do so to the best I can.

As I wrote in my book, competition isn’t always a bad thing, but we can throw a real crimp in our life’s greater plan when it is the only thing with which we measure ourselves. Whatever challenges you may be experiencing isn’t an end game. It’s a season, and like all seasons it will change. You were made for greatness beyond normal comprehension. Get started by taking that first step, then the next.

It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!

Josh Hinds