Action is the first step towards greatness

“A day will never be anymore than what you make of it. Practice being a “doer”! – Josh Hinds

Consider saving the above quote somewhere that you are sure to see it often, perhaps on your desk, vehicle dashboard, or on a sticky note attached to your computer monitor. It’s a simple message, but it holds the keys to unlocking whatever deep seeded desire or dream you may have for yourself. No matter how BIG a vision you have for how you want your life to look, you’ve got to get the “action” side of things down.

Friend, frankly, I see way too many people fall short of what they’re capable of, not because it wasn’t in them to pull it off, but because they lacked the fortitude to ever get started. In other words, they failed to add that most important ingredient… action, to whatever it was they initially endeavored to pursue.

Don’t let this be you. In all your days play the part of the “doer”. As you do, so you will become, not by magic, but because you will develop the habit which serves you.

Finally, consider the words of Star Wars movie character Yoda, who said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Give that some thought and look for opportunities (or make them) where you can put forth the effort necessary to turn more of your thoughts into realities.

Think about it like this, action is the lubricant that will break up the stagnation that occurs when we’re experiencing times of challenge and adversity. Literally, even the smallest of action (movement) can set you on a different path.

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

-what are some ways you overcome moments of “stuck” and stagnation and get yourself back on the path towards making your goals & dreams a reality?

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