The Hardest Part is the Start – Achieving Your Dream By Josh Hinds

Perhaps the most delicate point of any worthwhile undertaking is the beginning. I have seen far too many people literally overplan to the point that they never got any traction, and as a result never got started in the first place. Another dream wasted. The other side of that is the person who goes off half-cocked with little more then a random thought they think might work. Friend, it takes balance for sure, but you can make it work.

Start with the understanding that you need to be able to take your idea, and break it down into workable action steps. Even if it’s just one solid thing you can do, which upon completion will get you closer to what you want to achieve that’s huge. An interesting thing happens once we have accomplished that first task — inevitably the next step needed will reveal itself to us. If we can stay on that path — working and doing the things that are necessary before long a greater vision is revealed. What was once cloudy begins to become clearer. That is very much what happened to me.

When I first set out to work on the idea that would eventually become the business I am in today I didn’t have any grand illusion that my work would entail speaking to groups & businesses. Originally it was little more than a simple idea to share personal development resources with others. However, because I was able to determine the actions which needed to be taken, and then take new ones as those ideas came to me eventually that simple idea grew into something I truly love doing.

I identified my purpose while in the activity. I didn’t wait for it to be fully revealed to me, and then set out in pursuit of it. Friend, as you move through your days keep in mind that your direction is often revealed not while in thought only, but as you are moving — as you are in action.

Every day remind yourself that you were born for a greater purpose. I love the saying, GOD don’t make no junk. Believe that to be true and every day remain open to the great opportunities that surround you. Also keep in mind that just because one thing may not work out, it doesn’t define you — it was but a step on your journey.

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!

Josh Hinds

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