Do you have a big idea, but are struggling to make it a reality?

There’s a very good chance I can help you, like I have helped many others by showing you how to transform your idea, from idea into action, into reality so you can begin living your life BIG!

I’m particularly passionate about marketing and business development. I enjoy helping companies, organizations, individual sales professionals, and entrepreneurs grow their business profits. I excel at helping helping people just like you to get clear on your dream & map out actionable plans to make it a reality.

But don’t just take my word for it… read what others have to say about how I have helped them in the testimonials below.

There are two coaching & consulting Packages to choose from…

One time Consulting / Coaching Call ($250)

This includes:

1 one-hour call.
We will evaluate your plan, and what you want to achieve. We’ll develop a plan to get you back on track if necessary. We will map out what’s working, and what can be improved on. This is ideal for the person that just needs the occasional benefit of having someone to look over their shoulder and help to ensure that they are on the right path towards their dream.

Monthly Coaching Package ($1,400 per month)

This includes:

4 One-hour calls per month.
Email access for one month.
Text access for one month.
My private cell # with full access for a month.
You will be able to contact me with questions via any of the above forms of communication and I’ll answer your question. I’ll be as close as your pocket, and literally on speed-dial.
We will look at where you are currently on your success journey. We will develop an actionable plan for you, custom designed to move your dream into reality. You will have me there to work with you and hold you accountable to your success as you pursue your dream.

You need to understand that this will take work on your part. I’m looking to work with people who are action-oriented, and willing to do the work necessary to make things happen. I am selective in the clients I work with. Just as you should be selective in the coach you choose. Not everyone is going to be the right fit. Therefore, if I don’t feel I can serve you in a great way then I’m going to tell you, and if possible recommend you to someone I believe will be a great fit for you. Of course we will know after the free initial consulting/coaching call if we are a good fit.


If you would like to work with me as your Performance Coach drop me a note to get started.

Contact me for a free initial consultation so we can begin moving your big idea into reality.

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Testimonials – Here’s What Others Say About Working With Josh…

Testimonial …

“I have been working online for over ten years, and in that time Josh Hinds has stood out as the most helpful and insightful entrepreneur I’ve worked with. He not only knows what he’s talking about; he’s more than willing to share that knowledge with those who need it.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”

— Jason Gracia
Founder, Motivation123
Author, Shifting the Balance

Testimonial …

“I was completely lost on where to go with my business. As a struggling entrepreneur with a new business, Josh Hinds mentored me to see some creative solutions to problems that had me stuck. Josh got me more than back on track! He has a unique ability to see hidden opportunities and then explain them to people in a detailed, user-friendly way. I really appreciate the time he spends and the insights he gives me.

Josh Hinds is the special weapon that I can count on to resolve strategy challenges.”

— Tyler Benzel
Founder- GoldenBroccoli

Testimonial …

“Josh Hinds has a unique gift of seeing in someone what they themselves can not see. After a brief period of time speaking with him he has this way of getting you to start to see the unique talents you possess and helps you to understand how those talents can be unleashed in a way that brings you to the place you are wanting to be. He easily breaks down barriers and provides doable solutions…. no fluff… just an honest to goodness means of defining a person’s goals/needs and helping them to draft the plan necessary to attain them.

Each and every time I get off the phone with Josh I am inspired to put in to action the steps that he has helped me to see. He comes at things from a place of getting it done versus those who have a need to make you feel guilty for not having done it. I have witnessed an amazing change in myself and seen results almost immediately in applying the techniques that Josh has taught me. He is one in a million to me. I treasure his unique abilities, his passion and more so his friendship.”

— Gina Mcnew, USA

Testimonial …

Coaching with Josh is inspiring, he ensures I take action on the areas I am learning during the coaching sessions, he accommodates his schedule to help me finish my session properly and this way I get more time than I originally expected. He keeps in touch when you are working on what you have learned in-between your coaching sessions to help guide you and make sure you are on the right path.

He accepts things if he is unaware of them, and does not show off — or make you feel that he is better than you, but at the same time before you know it he shares the way you can improve in the areas that are most important to you.

Two of my biggest takeaways from having Josh as my coach are learning to use and implement the Daily Success Journal and Daily Goals.

— Ripple Amin, Singapore

Testimonial …

So you are wondering if you really need a Coach? I was in that same situation. I had been working in my industry for a number of years already. I thought I really knew all there was to know.

I had been following Josh’s work for about a year. I would receive his newsletters and occasionally I would read them all the way through and admittedly at other times I would just skim through them and hit delete. Well, one day I received a newsletter from Josh which talked about his coaching program that he offered. It read “contact me for more information etc., etc…. Blah, blah, blah”. I thought to myself, “let me see how this can benefit me”.

You see, I knew all along that reaching out to people who could save you decades or more of time was the ANSWER and the KEY to achieving great success fast!

That said, I had a little hesitation and of course I procrastinated. However, I did finally send Josh an e-mail back and stated “Yes, I am interested in finding out more about your coaching program — and how it can help me”.

Josh responded within 24 hours with a nice message that said, “call me anytime so we can discuss what your needs are and how I can help you”. He also mentioned in his e-mail that the first call was FREE and that it generally only lasts about 20 – 30 minutes.

So I thought OK, FREE, I can at least take the time to schedule the first initial call and see how this will help me. So I responded back to Josh’s e-mail with my usual “I am really busy but will be in touch soon” reply (which I was of course actually very busy!).

Josh sent me an e-mail about a week later just checking in on me. No Pressure 🙂

We exchanged a few e-mails back and forth over the course of a few weeks — mainly due to my part. Josh was very professional in every e-mail.

One Sunday while Driving from MD to VA I decided to give Josh a quick call to see if I could schedule a coaching session with him. To my surprise there was no need to even schedule a later time for the call & instead was able to begin the initial coaching session right then.

The conversation did not last just 20 minutes — in fact we were on the phone for over an hour! Now please don’t let that scare you. Josh offered so much advice and direction for me in that one first coaching session that I was just overjoyed with the call!

His advice impacted me so much that I immediately went to work on what he suggested! My followers on my blog doubled overnight just by taking a few simple steps that Josh suggested that I take. I have since put even more of my plan into action. I was so excited when I took the advice that Josh suggested — I felt empowered!

WOW! All I have to say is thank you Josh. I look forward to our monthly Coaching calls and growing in my personal development.

If you are wondering whether or not a coach is right for you just make that first call — and like me you might be pleasantly surprised!

Josh you have saved me so much time in research.

Take that leap of faith and reach out to Josh Hinds, he may be able to get you on your own path to success whether it is personal goals, help growing your business, or some other aspect of personal growth that you want to advance in.

— Lori Wagner, USA

Testimonial …

It was very nice chatting with you. Our conversation helped me to me come out of laziness ….at least I have started now!

I am also getting your inspiring emails regularly ….the daily boosts from you are really inspiring. They make one think a lot & also to act on the same.

The benefits I am receiving are evident in the increase of my positive attitude towards life…. my increase in productivity. I am feeling much more relaxed. My friends have started seeing a lot of positive change in me. My effectiveness has improved & is improving both personally as well as in my business life.

Thanks so much Josh….you are an Angel!

Abhijit N.

Testimonial …

I had Josh to help me get started setting up a day to remember to do the things we, as people, love and gave up on since we were kids (i.e. our dreams). During the brainstorming session it was decided it would be called International Dream Day. I was really struggling to have it on the ground in reality. A lovely idea, but how to make it happen…?

Josh spent an hour with me after midnight his time (I live in Australia). He listened carefully to what it was I was trying to achieve and seemingly effortlessly, helped put a map in place so I could see how it would work in actuality… Specifically what the steps on the ground looked like.

Not only did it leave me feeling like I could do it, it had me knowing I could.

Simon Dawe
(Founder, International Dream Day)

Ready to Begin…

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“Success is the prize for those who stand true to their ideas!” — Josh Hinds