How you start determines how your day is likely to finish

Here is an excerpt from my book, It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG

“The way I choose to start my day sets its tone. When I make the decision to begin by giving thanks for the positive things in my life, no matter how seemingly few or bountiful they might be, I am setting the flow for new opportunities to come my way. Each and every day I will remind myself that I can steer my outcome in any direction I wish by the actions I take. The steps I take day in and day out are the determining factors as to whether or not I achieve the success I desire. I take comfort in knowing that I have control over the actions I choose to do or not do.”

Being intentional is huge. We must keep in mind that the daily decisions we make ultimately lead us to or away from what we want. Therefore it is worth spending a little time each day planning and making sure we are working our plan. Choose choice over chance.

Live BIG,

Josh Hinds