Always strive to do your best. Someone is always watching

Consider the following quote from my book

“When we set out to do the best we can do, it is inevitable that great opportunity finds us because we are doing what truly makes us happy. We’re in alignment and ready for the opportunities that life puts in our path.”

Fortunately, at a fairly young age it was instilled in me the importance of always giving my best to each and every task at hand. That said, I readily confess that I haven’t always followed that advice. Particularly in my younger schooling years. However, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t solid advice. I see now, more than ever that it was as true then as it is now.

Sadly, more and more people appear to disbelieve this truth.

One example where I’ve seen the truth in the excerpt above show up in my own life is how my book deal came about. The short story is that I wrote articles and shared them for years prior to my book publisher reaching out to me and asking if I would consider writing a book. Yes, you read that correctly, I didn’t pitch a book publisher about publishing my book. They found me, and contacted me directly. It is worth pointing out that the reason my publisher knew about me in the first place was that I’d been working diligently, sharing my thoughts through my own platform, then along the way I was noticed that way. I’m far from unique in this respect. Do a quick search yourself and you’re sure to find other people who got book deals the same way.

Take a moment to consider a time in your life where an opportunity came your way as a result of your having made the decision to give your best in the place you found yourself.

Friend, make no mistake, those who hold the keys to greater opportunities are looking for those that are willing to give their best in all endeavors. Strive to be that type of person and you’ll attract greater opportunities into your life.

It’s your life, LIVE BIG

Josh Hinds