How to visualize your BIG life starting now

Friend, to LIVE BIG, you have to know what it looks like for you. Visualizing your BIG life is one of the lessons included in my book. In short, visualizing can be done in various ways beyond the traditional minds eye picture. If you’re more auditory, repeat your “vision” out loud, or record it so you can play it back to yourself on a ongoing basis. You might also decide to keep a journal, and in it write out what you’re BIG life looks like in vivid detail.

Remember, in its simplest form living BIG is about living by choice, over chance, more often than not.

Once you’ve got a good vision of the things which make up your BIG life, play them back to yourself on an ongoing basis. Be sure to add in ongoing actions that as they are acted upon, move you closer to your intended desire.

Most importantly, don’t wait to get started. Start right where your feet are planted… and make a commitment to enjoying the path along the way.

Btw. If you would like to share some helpful ideas on visualization you can do so in the comments below.

It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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