Steps for overcoming Life’s tough stuff

People ask me how I get through life’s toughest times (yes we all have them)…

Here it is in 2 steps:

1) I do what I can do. There are always steps and actions I need to take, no matter what the challenge, difficulty, heartache, no matter what it is, I do what only I can do. The parts I can do, I do. I don’t expect those to be magically done for me. I don’t have a leprechaun in my pocket to grant wishes for me 🙂

2) For the parts that are above my pay grade, the insurmountable, the “impossible” parts, I close my eyes, look up and hand off the rest, and believe it’ll workout as it should. Yes, step two really is that simple.

I’m an amateur as to why it works, as to all the reasons why I get to experience the sense of peace I do when I remember to apply this simple two step process. All I known is that when I do — it works 100% of the time. I always find that life has an incredible way of filling in the details.

If this resonates with you super. If not that’s OK too. We all get to think for ourselves and I’m certainly not naive enough to think I have all the answers. I’m just sharing this in the event you, or someone you know might find this helpful.


It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG
Josh Hinds

-Your thoughts are welcome in the comments below. How do you work through life’s toughest times?

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