Don’t default to doubt. Choose possibility thinking

Consider the following quote…

“Spend more time asking why not. There are far too many folks saying things can’t be done. The problem is that they’re often left behind by the ones making things happen!”

Please know that I’m not suggesting you run haphazardly through life with rose colored glasses, but instead that you simply take the time to develop your “possibility” muscles.

Sadly, there’s a natural tendency, perhaps to protect ourselves from disappointment, which attempts to keep us from believing in the incredible talents and gifts that I believe we are all endowed with by a power far greater than ourselves.

I’ll fully admit that it’s easy to take the simple road, to fluff off the BIG opportunity that comes your way, saying to yourself, “that’s just for dreamers, that’s just pie in the sky thinking.”

We all experience doubts, I like to call that being human, but what I hope you will do is develop the habit of canceling out that inner voice that screams at you with all the reasons something can’t be done, and instead takes an extra minute or two to consider that you do have what it takes, that the thoughts and ideas that come to mind don’t exist simply to make you feel bad, or inadequate because you’re incapable of achieving them.

Instead, consider that each is a calling, a higher calling wanting to see if you’re willing to play in a bigger sandbox, to step out of your comfort zone and just see what you’re capable of. And friend, make no mistake, you’re capable of far more than you can likely even fathom.

Make the decision to step into your greatness. The next time you’re tempted to fall into the line of thinking that would try to convince you that the great rewards of life are only reserved for others, wholeheartedly reject that non-sense, and instead remind yourself that you’re as capable as anyone — but don’t make the mistake of leaving it in your thoughts. Do something every day which will allow you to attract bigger and better results into your life and before you know it, as if by magic that’s exactly what will begin to show up for you.


It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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