Can’t Never Could

The other day I was thinking about a teacher I had in grade school who used to always say, “can’t never could.” Like most kids in school (me we’d try to convince her of all the reasons we couldn’t do something, or why something was too difficult — she wouldn’t buy it, she’d just repeat, “can’t never could.”

I’m sure as much as it drove all of us nuts to hear it, it must have been twice as frustrating for her to have had to say it repeatedly to all us kids, but she did anyway.

It’s interesting, because years later, I have to give her credit for instilling in me, at a time when I didn’t even realize it was making a difference, the “can do attitude” I strive to keep front and center in my life now. Certainly there have been times in my life where that was easier done than at other times, but I always heard that little saying pop back up, “can’t never could.”

I guess it goes to show you never know what an impact you can have on others. Even when you think they’re not paying attention.

It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

-What are some quotes or sayings you heard growing up which have had a similar impact on you?