Blocking tics, Anxiety, and Working Through Life’s Setbacks

For those not familiar with this part of my story, there was a time in my life where I struggled with anxiety. In reality the word struggle is an understatement. It showed up about the same time that what I refer to as my “blocking tic” did. Think stutter on steroids and you’ve got an idea of what it was like. This was one of the more “interesting” Tourette’s syndrome symptoms I’ve experienced.

Yes, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s at a young age. For the most part it was mild, but of course with Tourettes mild is relative (from person to person the symptoms can differ, as can the severity).

I should say that it was mild, that is until the age of about 18, when my new found “blocking tic” symptom brought with it anxiety which at times had me to the point where something as simple as making a phone call brought with it feelings of anxiety to the point that I confess that on more than one occasion jumping in my vehicle and driving to have a face to face conversation rather than what would have otherwise been the more simple option of using the phone. What can I say, anxiety can be a wild ride.

While a pain in the rear to have to take that option the alternative would have been to avoid communication altogether and I wasn’t about to let that happen. So however inconvenient it was I made the best of my work-around and made do.

I’ll accept that I probably got by on using work-arounds like the one I mentioned far longer than I should have, and perhaps I could’ve found a permanent fix quicker, but I choose not to stay stuck in the past – for me the important thing is that I moved past that place in my life.

Some might say I blew past it. I guess that’s a fair assessment, seeing as how I speak to groups and organizations now, both live, and yes often on company calls and teleseminars. Not exactly what one would suspect would be a natural progression for someone who once struggled to talk on the phone, but hey what can I say, I’m a firm believer that GOD has a unique plan for us all.

I don’t expect everyone to see it that way, and if you happen to be one of the folks who chooses not to that’s OK too. Perhaps it’s just that since I have seen things unfold in the way I described in my life, holding that belief is an easy one for me. Again, you choose what you want, but either way keep on reading, I believe you’ll find it worthwhile …

Please understand that I don’t share all this with you to toot my own horn, and I certainly hope I don’t come across as some kind of bragger for having been able to overcome some adversity in life. That’s definitely not my intention and I’m fully aware that we’ve all got our own unique challenges that we need to work through at different times in our lives.

Life’s challenges can be opportunities for growth …

My hope in sharing this is that whatever you happen to be working through at the moment, that you’ll know that as long as you’ll stick with the commitment to find your solution then you will in fact do just that. It may come from the unlikeliest of sources. Who knows, perhaps like me, when you’re asked how you were able to work through your challenge you will find that it wasn’t really one thing at all, or one “magic pill” which did the trick, but rather a combination of all the steps you took along that strangest of journeys which helped you to grow into and develop the skills needed.

Friend, wherever you are in your journey I wish for you all the best. I wish for you the peace that comes from knowing that you are a unique and special human being with GOD given gifts. You may struggle at times to believe the truth in what I just said, and hey that is perfectly OK, because whether you’re doubting it or not it’s still absolutely true.

Everyday work to identify and develop your unique talents and gifts …

If I could leave you with but one thought, know this, you’re an amazingly gifted person. You were blessed with unique talents, and you have a duty to explore what those are and use them to the best of your ability.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, no matter how insurmountable they may seem, know that in time you will overcome them. Take it from someone who has seen the other side, you my friend are going to like the view. But in order to experience all the good awaiting you you’ve got to stick out the tough stuff.

While I cannot promise you it will always be easy, I can assure you it is well worth it. You are worth it my friend — no doubt about it!

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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-what are some strategies you have found helpful in working through setbacks in your life? Share in the comments below.