Bridge the Achievement Gap By Josh Hinds

Here’s an important lesson. If you fully grasp it it can be a real difference maker in your life. That said, make no mistake, it’s not something that you can do just once and expect it to be a game changer.Josh Hinds - Speaker and author

If, however, you can adopt this mindset you will see your personal productivity skyrocket.

What I’m suggesting to you is this:

Cultivate the habit of bridging the gap between the time it takes you to think of an idea and actually begin it.

Minimize your “clapper moments”…

Friend, I can just about guarantee you’ve experienced at least once or twice in your life a time were you allowed yourself to get off track from an otherwise great idea or endeavor (we all have). I once heard someone refer to this as a “clapper moment” because they said, when they first saw the late night infomercial for “the clapper” — the light you can turn on by simply clapping your hands, they immediately thought to themselves, “I thought of that years ago.”

It’s true isn’t it? We’ve all experienced times where we had a great idea, yet for whatever reason neglected to fully see things through to completion, only to have our “once great idea” resurface later and question ourselves on why we didn’t give it a go, or see things through to the end.

All worthwhile endeavors begin with that all important first step — make sure you Take it…

Make no mistake, the law of diminishing intent is real and we allow it to grow with every moment we neglect to breathe some form of action into whatever it is we have deemed worthy of our time. In short, you can stop procrastination in its tracks, by adding action, by the same token, like watering a plant, you feed it and give it life, with every moment you neglect to do what needs to be done to actually get started on your given undertaking.

The upside is that as long as we can keep forward momentum on our endeavor, the more easy it is to accomplish.

Friend, it all begins with a shift in your mindset. Allowing yourself to go from a place of having to fully know every step, or next action before beginning. To one where you accept that whatever details need to be figured out they will be revealed in due time. It may sound counter-intuitive, to set out not fully knowing every single step that will be required of you first, but it works because of the growth, all the knowledge and experiences you acquire, while on the journey.

Your willingness to act is the difference maker….

Ultimately we’re talking about being a person of action. When one leads with action life has an incredible way of filling in the details. Inevitably they meet the people they need to meet. They learn the skills which need learning, and they acquire the experience needed to meet with success. Indeed, you will see this to be the case in your life, if you haven’t already.

In summary always be asking:

What can I do right now to get started – to add real solid action to the idea before me?

When the answer is revealed to you, and it will be, don’t delay, get started in that moment. Friend, make no mistake, getting started makes all the difference.

It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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