Hey, Don’t Call Me A Motivational Speaker By Josh Hinds

I just got off a call with a really good friend and fellow speaker and author, Bob Burg. I had the great privilege of having him interview me about some topics from my book.

One question that Bob asked in particular really got me thinking. Bob brought up that he doesn’t like the term, “motivational speaker” and asked how I felt about being called that?

It’s not the first time I’ve ever been asked that question and while you might think it’s a simple one to answer, it is actually one that requires a bit of thought and reflection.

At first it would be easy to simply say, “Oh that’s just a title people often use to describe what I do in a generic sense.” While at times that is certainly the case, that answer alone doesn’t do it justice, because the reality is when all is said and done motivation is an internal thing.

While it is true that forces outside oneself can trigger feelings which lead us to aspire to accomplish things, if we hope to sustain the level of activity that will be required for us to accomplish our given endeavor then we’re going to have to go from external motivation (I.e something or someone outside our self) to an internal motivation — or said another way, we need to have a way to swap motivation for inspiration.

Friend, it’s for this reason that while I don’t particularly mind being called a motivational speaker, my hope is that others would refer to me as an inspiring speaker. Because while it’s true that my story and strategies that I share during my presentations can help other people, the reality is that whether or not anyone benefits from what I have to share is going to be dependent on their own ability to internalize it and use what they learn in the areas of their own life.

Ultimately no one can do it for you…

At the end of the day even the best teachers’ advice is just that, someone else’s ideas. Therefore, what you decide to do with the ideas and strategies you learn will ultimately determine your altitude and how far you can expect to go with regards to achieving whatever you’ve determined to be worth pursuing.

As I often say, you’ve got greatness in you. Believe it and let your belief play out through your actions — and you will find that you’re as capable as anyone of taking your dreams from imagination to reality.

Friend, remember that personal development is a hands on project. Meaning that you have got to be the biggest part in your own growth. It’s a journey that you’ve got to be an active participant in if you hope to experience all that you are capable of.

In summary, you can call me whatever the heck you’d like provided you fully understand that I, nor no one outside yourself can keep you fully on track to achieving your goals & dreams. We can provide fuel, the skills you need, and the necessary pick me up to help re-energize you when you’re feeling low, but ultimately you have to be the biggest part of the equation. The good news is you have more than enough to LIVE BIG! — don’t delay, get started now, rather then later — your best life is waiting!

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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  • Yes Josh, this reminds me of how Tony Robbins responds to the same question.  He says he is not a motivational speaker either.  Funny how the community at large can label things what they need it to be, in order to process their own thinking.

    Much success with the book.

  • Thejoesweeney

    Nice post Josh! Are you passing through or speaking in Madison or Chicago any time soon?

  • Glad you liked it Joe. I don’t have any plans currently at either of those places, but as I say, “have mouth, will travel” so perhaps someone in that area will see this and book me to speak there soon 😉 How’s that for putting what ‘ya want to have happen out there? haha

    I hope you are having a great week,

  • Michele, you’re right. I’ve heard lots of folks say similar things. That’s why I tend to generally just let it fly 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of interviews for the new book — and a large proportion of them describe me as a “motivational speaker” — of course, I don’t mind this at all, as you point out, folks tend to label things as they need it to be, in order to process their own thinking. Besides, hey if that’s the worst thing that I’m ever called I’ll be doing OK right? … haha 🙂

    I wrote the article, not really so much that I care either way how anyone chooses to describe the work I do, and more so, to help others realize that they’ve got to be the biggest part of their own “self growth” and that at best sources outside oneself can only be part of the equation.

    -Josh 🙂