Just for Today By Josh Hinds

I’m convinced that if we could just believe we have what it takes to accomplish our hearts desires we would do that far more often. We would at least try. And friend, make no mistake, giving it the old college try is often all that’s really needed to get the results we’re after. Sadly, we often allow all sorts of things to get in our way and block us from doing what’s necessary to make things happen.

Just for today — and in the event that the entire day is too scary — suspend your disbelief just for a moment and consider the following…

* Just for today act as if you can accomplish whatever your mind can conceive.

* Just for today smile at the person you might not know very well, but for some reason feel as though they would benefit from just knowing that others out there take notice.

* Just for today encourage someone. I can tell you that through the work I do every day encouraging others through my writing, speaking, or consulting, you simply can’t imagine what a positive impact such a simple gesture like letting others know you believe in them can have. Try it — just for today find someone (or even better several people) and just let loose and rain down on them with some positive encouragement.

* Just for today, know without a doubt that whatever challenges you are experiencing, no matter how hard, are not permanent.

* Just for today stop long enough to smell the roses (or whatever flower happens to be nearby). Beauty, interesting experiences, and all types of opportunities literally surround us, but because we’re so dialed into what’s going on in our immediate bubble — the challenges which are in our immediate sphere we often let those “good things” pass us by. Take a moment to just relax, go for a walk — unplug from your regular fast pace for just a bit. Take things in.

Schedule a little downtime. If you’re thinking, “Josh, you don’t know what all I have going on, I don’t have a second free!” You’re right, I don’t know your schedule. That said, I know for a fact that if you’ll make time (notice I didn’t say find time, I said make time — and schedule accordingly if necessary) you’ll magically find the time you’re looking for. Isn’t it amazing how that works? 🙂

* Just for today (and everyday for that matter!) choose to LIVE BIG! You do this by living by choice, rather than chance — as so many end up doing. Living by choice isn’t overly complicated. It starts with writing out what you want to see occur in your life — and then writing down the steps you need to take in order to get the results you’re after — and then every single day doing them. Easy to do, easy not to do. But friend, don’t be lazy here — you deserve better than that in life.

* Just for today believe that you are indeed an artist which GOD has given a big bold canvas upon which you can literally paint your perfect life on — provided you’re willing to do so.

Every single day remember…

It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!

Josh Hinds

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