Productivity Lesson: All Tasks Are Not Created Equal By Josh Hinds

In the message below I share a lesson I teach in my speaking presentation titled, ‘Lessons For Living BIG!‘ called, “All Tasks Are Not Created Equal”. In summary think of it like this:

Everyday we have things which are required of us. Some of them popup unexpectedly. If we aren’t careful to plan, and purposefully work on the most important tasks there’s a real danger that we can get caught up plugging away on the tasks which show up, even though doing so may not really be the “best use” of our time. Friend, if you’ll focus on the tasks which when completed will yield you the biggest return on your investment of time for having worked on them, you’ll find that you will be far better off, and much closer to manifesting your intended destination.

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It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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  • MichelleColonJohnson

    Great video!

  • Thank you Michelle 🙂