Don’t Let Them Fool YOU, Opportunity is Alive and Well By Josh Hinds

Rise above those who attempt to convince you that forces outside yourself are keeping you from your full potential.

Sadly, more and more often I’m seeing way too many people falling in line with the idea that sources outside themselves are somehow responsible for keeping them down. Keeping them from opportunities. Keeping them from better jobs. Holding them back from earning more money. Keeping them from a better education. The list goes on and on.

Friend, you can adopt that philosophy if you wish. You’re completely entitled. You can buy into what the people who are pushing this line of thinking are selling if you wish. I’ll even concede that on the surface, accepting such ideas — that ultimately you are not really responsible for your life, or whether or not you fully live up to and cultivate your full potential is enticing. It’s certainly an easier road to take.

To accept things “as they are” doesn’t require the uncomfortableness that goes along with questioning what people who are peddling this belief system to you really have in mind. Make no mistake, if enough people get to the point where they sincerely believe they are not capable of lifting themselves up no matter what place in life they may find themselves currently, then there is a real opportunity for those who believe in the idea that personal responsibility and rugged individualism doesn’t work.

It’s also that much easier to put people into groups such as the “haves and have nots”. It’s a dangerous direction to move in, where more and more people are losing faith in their own ability to fully achieve their greatness. To live as BIG as they possibly can.

The reality is, there’s just as much opportunity for everyone, from the seemingly poorest among us all the way up to the wealthiest. Every single day countless people across this world of ours from all corners of the earth are going from extreme poverty, to extreme prosperity, and just about every social class in between. We should be celebrating every single time this happens, and friend, I can tell you it happens all the time. I see it every single day in the work I do.

The challenge is that in order to be open to seeing it, and making real change in ones life, a person has to accept that they are responsible for their life. If a greater education is required, then they have got to tap into the resources, get the help, whatever is required in order to gain that extra education. If they determine to go into business for themselves, they have to be willing to start small (countless people all across the world do just that) and have the sincere willingness to persevere until they begin to see the fruits of their labor take hold.

Friend, make no mistake — opportunity abounds. It always has. Just like the phoenix which rises from the ashes, there will be countless businesses which will have been started during the current difficult economic times and will go on to grow beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. This has always been the case, it was the case during the great depression, and friend, it will be the case in the future. The difference, is as it has always been whether or not you decide to take the road that some are espousing, or if you instead decide to celebrate your own unique talents and GOD given gifts. Knowing full well that you can craft an amazing existence provided you are willing to set out to make it so.


It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds