A Success Philosophy to Consider

“If you do your best, stay in the game, learn along the way, and adapt as best you can, life has an incredible way of filling in the details for you.” — Josh Hinds

I’m guessing if you’re really honest with yourself you can recount a time or two (or more!) in your life where the quote above held true for you. If you’re in a place in your life where you find it easy to discount the idea above then stop, and grab a piece of paper. Write down all the past “successes” and positive experiences you can recall through our your life (yes, the big & seemingly small ones too. All of them!). Don’t cheat yourself here either. Don’t let that little voice inside you win out (you know, the one that attempts to say that a particular achievement you’re about to write down is small or inconsequential… don’t listen! Just write it down).

Now look over that list you’ve got now. Friend, you can’t argue with the truth. You may be in a hard place right now, but you’ve experienced good in your life (heck the proof is written down before your own eyes), maybe, it appears to be distant, but just the same, you’ve been there before, and as such, if you’ll continue to hang on you will experience a positive shift in your life. Make the habit of reconnecting with times in your life where the “wins” have been plentiful and you will begin to notice that life will begin to pull you in that very direction.

Always remember…

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

* Btw. your thoughts and feedback are always welcome and appreciated in the comments below 🙂