Goal Setting – Going From Start to Accomplished By Josh Hinds

Every day make the decision that you will make action your ally as you move confidently in the direction of the goals you set. Be sure that you’re taking ample time to evaluate the steps you’re taking to ensure they are in fact moving you in the right direction.

Friend, actions in and of themselves won’t guaranty that you will meet with your desired outcome. Right action is needed. What are “right actions” you ask? Consider the following example: If you practice a certain technique to the point that it becomes a habit, you will unfortunately have learned to do that thing the wrong way. The solution then is to make sure you’re learning the right way, and taking actions accordingly. In doing so you’ll develop habits that will serve you going forward.

Keep yourself on the correct path by taking time to evaluate where you are now, and exactly what you want to accomplish. By making certain you are doing what’s needed, and putting forth the effort required of you to achieve that which you have committed to accomplishing you will find that your moving with confidence in the direction of your hearts desire.

Action Exercise: Briefly write out your goals (ideally, take the time to do it at least once a day!). In doing so you will find it to be a terrific way to re-connect with them. Make no mistake, keeping them front and center in your life will help to ensure you give them the time they need to see them through. Repetition is definitely your friend when it comes to goal achievement.

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

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