The Paradox of Giving and Receiving By Josh Hinds

Wouldn’t it appear that giving, without regard to any outcome in return would be about the farthest thing from a conduit to receiving there is.

Yet time and time again, if we really think about it, we can see example after example where the act of first giving, whether of our time, or some thing, inevitably led to our receiving something of equal or greater value in return.

We don’t give to receive, yet it is as though that is of no consequence. Receive we do just the same.

Consider the following examples to further illustrate what I’m suggesting:

The sales person who gives great service, putting their customers needs squarely above their own receives compensation, both in the form of profit or commission, but beyond that they also receive positive word of mouth, an in many cases referrals from those they serve.

Consider also the parent who gives of themselves, in the form of unconditional love, time, and monetarily to raise their children. They receive the amazing gift of one day having raised adults, who in turn go into the world, spreading the incredible legacy they first planted in their children so many years before.

Friend, if you’ll take the time to look for them you’ll see that there are countless examples of where our willingness to first give of ourselves and or resources in some way led to receiving, in often unexpected and exciting ways.

Here is a quote I wrote some time ago. I hope that you find it inspiring…

“Life’s like a boomerang, the more good ‘ya throw out, the more it makes its way back to you.” – Josh Hinds

As you move through your week consider some ways you can share kind acts with others. More importantly, act on the ideas that come to mind, and watch for yourself as the seeds of kindness you plant blossom and inevitably make their way back to you!

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

– Can you remember a time in your life where giving first led to some unexpected positive outcome? Please share your story (or feedback on this article) in the comments below.