A Quote By Josh Hinds On Living With Purpose

I hope you find the following picture inspiring. This is a quote I wrote a while ago. You’re welcome to pass it along and share it with others who you think might also be inspired by it.

The quote reads:

“Each day is a new canvas upon which you can paint the
portrait of the life you wish to live. Paint your life with purpose.” — Josh S. Hinds

  • The Rankins File

    Great post Josh!!!
    Bob R.

  • Thanks Bob. Glad you liked it my friend. I hope you've been doing great since we last talked. Glad you liked the quote and accompanying picture. I'm planning to do more of those. I've had folks say that they have even used them as wallpaper, or as their desktop picture on their phones & computers. Or just printed them to use an inspiring reminders through out the day.